Smittie’s Driving School – 5 Tips to pass your drivers test

Passing your driver is one of life’s important rites of passage. The cost of car hire, booking fees and classes leading up can add extra pressure. Hence the reason why Smittie’s Driving School will be with you throughout your journey to help you pass your driver’s test first time around.

According to John Smith of Smittie’s Driving School, the most common reason why people fail, alongside nerves and lack of confidence, is that they have not been taught proper K53 driving methods.

Smittie’s Driving School shares its 5 top tips to get you on the road and passing your driver’s test:

  1. If you don’t have access to a car, ask your driving school for help with one of their vehicles. A reputable driving school has roadworthy vehicles and the driving instructors have experience needed to help keep you calm and focused throughout the entire process.
  2. Take your time to learn and apply the correct habits and techniques on the road. Practice, practice and more practice and then a tiny bit more practice is what it takes to get you driving with confidence and applying techniques effortlessly on the road and also in your driver’s test.
  3. Your driving school can advise you on you test readiness and also when and where to book. Testing stations are open on alternative weekends for your convenience so that you can book your test. Your driving school can advise you as to whether you should book your test in the next week, 2 weeks or month. They would have worked with you long enough to gauge your readiness and give you informed advise.
  4. The k53 method is not like any of your friends or family members currently drives. The k53 method as taught by your driving instructor needs to be understood and applied correctly. You’re driving instructor will give you feedback as to where you are doing well and where you would need to improve. Knowing what to expect and loads of proper practice makes doing your driving test a lot easier and stress free.
  5. When using your own vehicle, ensure that your vehicle is both road worthy as well as mechanically sound as well. Ask Smittie’s Driving School about the availability of their vehicles for the day of your test.

Good Luck and see you on the road 🙂

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